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Customer Registration and Software License Agreement

In order to purchase software from Cozzi Research, we need your Company and System Information. Use this page to provide that information to Cozzi Research

License Agreement

By clicking "Accept", you hereby accept and agree to the following terms and conditions regarding our software product (the "software") as a prospective or current customer of Cozzi Research

You may use the Software provided that you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions and have paid any applicable license fee and SWMA contract:

Further you acknowledge that you are authorized to agree to these terms and conditions in representing your organization, corporation, partnership or individual. That you represent that at no time shall you install and/or use this software without said authorization nor without prior acceptance and agreement to these terms and conditions.

Customer Registration Enables use of Automate License Key Distribution System
Customer Information:
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Password Your password is stored in our database in an encrypted form and cannot be recovered. If you loose or forget your password, a reset link can be emailed to the email address associated with this account. Or email Cozzi and ask to have it reset for you.
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