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SQL iQuery for IBM i - Download

Licensed User or new Trial-before-you-buy customers can Download Now

Note: IBM i v7r3 or later is required for SQL iQuery. We also have a no-charge IBM i v7r2 compatible version available below that allows customers with older IBM i installations to take advantage of SQL iQuery for free until they migrate to a new system or update to V7R3 or later.

Earliest Supported IBM i Version Download Link Downloads Notes
V7R3 and later SQL iQuery V5R8 574
SQL iQuery dated 22Sep2020 Program ID 2COZ-IQ5. Check out the What's New log for the latest updates.Our existing customers may ugrade using this link and non-customers can use it to download a 60-day trial version.
V7R3 and later SQL iQuery V5R8 - Nightly Build
Last Modified: 22Sep2020 Est Size: 29M -- This is a link to IQUERY.ZIP that is created periodically with fixes and updates. We use it internally and it is considered an "early experience" release. Users may experience some challenges and it may not be tested as completely as the regular product release build. If you experience any issues, please report it to us. End-Users should normally download the regular iQuery image, which is considered a stable build. Check out the fix log for the latest Information and notes on what has been fixed or changed.
V7R2 SQL iQuery V5R8 for V7R2   Dated: 21Sep2020 Final IBM i v7r2 compatible build for SQL iQuery. This is the same code base as our V7R3 build of iQuery V5R8 but compiled with TGTRLS(V7R2M0). It is the final build being offered for V7R2. It has no license key requirements.
  IBM i SendMail Client
06Apr2020 SQL iQuery supports emailing of the resultSet for OUTPUT formats PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, and others. we offer this Java-based email client at no charge to our COZTOOLS and SQL iQuery clients. The current build now includes support for email body content of up to 16M bytes. Alse the MSG (message body) parameter support the new *STMF option. When used, the new STMF parameter is used to identify the IFS file to be used as the email message body. This is very useful when sending HTML pages stored on the IFS as the email body.

Be sure to read the README source member restored into QTXTSRC in the SENDMAIL library. It contains the basic how-to install SendMail information.

Bob Cozzi's COZTOOLS
Bob's popular Cozzi Tools (COZTOOLS) software product is now available at no charge. You may download it here or visit the product website for more details.


Step 1: Upload the IQUERY.SAVF save file to your IBM i system using FTP (binary mode) and then run the the following steps. For FTP we use the PC/Mac App FileZilla and simply drag and drop IQUERY.SAVF onto the QGPL library. But there are other methods to get the file onto your server:

Step 2: If you have an existing installation of SQL iQuery  (use GO LICPGM option 10 to see if it is installed) you should delete it before installing a new version or refreshed update.


Where the x in QCOZIQx is either 4, 5 or another number as it appears on the Display License Programs screen. It will probably be 5, so DLTLICPGM 2COZIQ5

Step 3: Install the Licensed Program onto your IBM i system.


Again, where y is the version you are installing. This may be different from the version you deleted. Currently it is 5, as in 2COZIQ5.

After you Restore the SQL iQuery License Program, you are prompted to select the JOBQ where the post-install build routine is submitted. If you blank out the job queue name, the post-install routine is not run and you may have difficulties using some SQL iQuery features.

Additionally, the EMAIL command used to send SQL iQuery output results as EMAIL attachments is specified on the final install screen. Select the one you'd like to use, then press Enter.

After installation for non-licensed users, you have 60 days to evaluate the product. After that a paid license is required.

If you need more help with installation, Visit our installation page for more information.

Product Information

  • Name: SQL iQuery
  • Install Library: IQUERY
  • Product ID: 2COZ-IQ5

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