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Frequently asked questions about terms of our licensing:

  1. Cozzi Research software license include up to two (2) IBM i serial numbers at time of purchase. The second serial number is for your HA/DR or Development system.
  2. Transferring license to a replacement system ("system upgrade") is no charge for customers covered under SWMA agreements. Non-SWMA customers can change serial numbers by upgrading to the current release. The cost for which is established at the time of the order.
  3. All partitions on one physical system are included in your license. This means so long as you do not exceed the number of licensed processors/cores on your system, you can install and run SQL iQuery on any number of partitions (again, on the same physical system). The license key permits multiple partition installation. "Active Processors" is the sum of all active cores in all partitions where SQL iQuery is installed. Let's say you have 12 active processors and allocate 2 processors to Partition 1 where SQL iQuery shall be installed. You would need a 2-core license. In another situation let's say you have 8 active/licensed cores that are distributed over 10 partitions on one physical system. If you want to use iQuery in 6 of those partitions, you would license the total cores used by those 6 partitions. So if that core count is 4, you would need a 4-core license and iQuery could be installed in any or all of those 6 partitions. You could move it to different partitions as well, so long as the number of active cores in which it is installed does not exceed the licensed core count.
  4. Your initial OTC license fee includes 90 days of support. However, at the time of purchase you may opt to extend the support period by selecting SWMA auto-renewal. This means at the time of purchase if you order SWMA, the standard 90-day support is extended to one year and on the anniversary of your license, we will send you the standard SWMA renewal invoice.

Software License Options

We recently introduced new lower pricing options for systems that have fewer active cores. Our new 1 or 2 active core pricing is less than $1000 providing a lower cost entry point into SQL iQuery. All options include an unlimited number of virtual partitions on one physical system. You do not have to license all your cores, only those that are utilized by the partitions in which SQL iQuery shall be installed.

SQL iQuery Pricing Matrix

Price Licensed
License Description
395.00*NOMAXSQL iQuery SWMA 1-Year Recurring
1024.00*NOMAXSQL iQuery version 7 (Unlimited Partitions/Cores)
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