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SQL iQuery Commands and HELP TEXT

You can use iQuery to run SQL statements or scripts from the web, CL programs, or the Command Line. Below is a list of the SQL iQuery CL commands.

To view the Helptext for the iQuery command, just click on the command name.

OBJLIST - Object List
LIB: iquery OBJTYPE: *cmd
Created On
Text description
CHGIQRYAIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Change SQL iQuery default attributes
CLSQLIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Legacy EXEC SQL IMMEDIATE wrapper
ENDIQRYIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14End the iQuery Activation Group for this job
IQIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14SQL iQuery "Quick iQuery a file" command
IQMGIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery IBM Must Gather wrapper
IQRUNCMDIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Run CL Command via *RQS msg
IQRYOBJIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - List Object Structures (*MOD &SRVPGM)
OPNSQLFIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Open Datapath using SQL iQuery (BETA)
RTVSQLSRCIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Retrieve SQL DDL for a PF
RTVSQLVARIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Retrieve SQL Variable
RUNIQRYIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Run SQL Stmt using iQuery
RUNIQRYFIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Run ad hoc iQuery over a file
RUNQMQRYIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Run ad hoc QM Query
SCANRPLIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14cozTools - Scan Replace source member(s)
STRIQRYIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Start iQuery Menu (go iquery)
WRKFUNCIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Work with User Defined Functions/Procs
WRKIQRYIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Work with Fields using iQuery
WRKUSRIQUERY*CMD2023-11-14iQuery - Work with User Profiles
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