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SQL Tools™ for i

Version 2 Release 3 now available!

SQL Tools is the professional SQL Extension pack for IBM i. It includes a collection of functions, procedures, and Views that work across IBM i releases from V7R2 forward. SQL Tools improves RPG programmer productivity by eliminiating the complexity that using APIs requires. Systems Admins love SQL Tools because it provides them the kind of information they need now, through a familiar SQL interface. All IBM i SQL, RPG, CL and ACS interfaces support SQL Tools as well as our own SQL iQuery product.

SQL Tools V2R3 for 2023 is now shipping. Several all new high-performance SQL functions have been added to make using your IBM i system easier from RPG IV or any SQL interface. See the list of functions, procedures and views listed below for more details. We've also restructured our OTC and SWMA based on Customer feedback.There's never been a better time to buy SQL Tools for IBM i.

SQL Tools has a 70-day grace period when installed. There is no fee required to use it during this grace period. When you decide to keep SQL Tools forever, you can place an online order and we will send you a permanent license key that never expires.

SQL Tools is the New Standard in "Every Shop has It"

In addition to downloading and using our products on your system, you can now try out SQL iQuery and/or SQL Tools on a real IBM i V7R5 Power10 server at zero cost to you.

Visit our partner site: PUB400 and set up a free account and start using IBM i V7R5 5250 or ACS in minutes. Then simply enter "GO IQUERY" or use ACS to run any of the SQL Tools through its SQL interface. It is really that easy, and completely free.

To begin using SQL iQuery in your PUB400 5250 session, just enter the RUNiQRY command from command entry. SQL Tools can be utilized from within any SQL interface (RPG, iQuery, STRSQL, ACS, etc.) by simply qualifying them to the SQLTOOLS schema. It really is that easy! Thanks to PUB400.com for providing such a great resource and experience to the IBM i community.

Click the links in the table below to: license SQL Tools, read the change-log or documentation, get our pricing, or Download the latest build. (A trial license is auto-installed if you are a new customer.)

Compatible with V7R2 and later

To initiate your purchase, send us an email with your IBM i Version and System Serial Number (QSRLNBR) by clicking here ⇛

SQL Tools is the perfect collection of powerful and easy-to-use SQL Functions that replaces the need to setup and call IBM i APIs to get information into your programs. Use them in RPG IV apps or in your favorite SQL interface, such as ACS RUNSQL SCRIPTS, STRSQL, SQL iQuery, and now Visual Studio CODE and dBeaver. One call to an SQL Tools function can avoid coding hundreds of error-prone lines needed to call IBM i APIs.

SQL Tools Documentation Index

Each SQL Tool includes a link to it's documentation. We use SQL Tools inside of SQL iQuery to produce these pages. Click or tap the SQL Tool name (below) to view it's documentation.

For example, to read the on-line documentation for the Member List (MBR_LIST) function click this link: MBR_LIST

Function Description
#END List

SQL Tools Pricing and Availability

Available: Now


  1. The $295 annual SWMA (Software Support/Maintenance Agreement) includes:

More Information: Customers who have questions, may reach out to Bob Cozzi at this link.

Quick Installation*

  1. Download the .ZIP to your PC
  2. Unzip the SQLTOOLS.ZIP file to reveal the SQLTOOLS.SAVF file.
  3. FTP the SQLTOOLS.SAVF to your IBM i server, placing it into QGPL or similar.
  4. On the green screen, run the following installation command:
  5. Start enjoying SQL Tools!

* Note: If you install the V7R2 version, you need to use file names SQLTOOLS72.ZIP, SQLTOOLS72.SAVF, and QGPL/SQLTOOLS72

Extended Installation Instructions

Vendor Info:
Cozzi Research
Lombard IL 60148