SQL iQuery Script Built-in Function




The SST() built-in functions extracts the specified substring of the session variable or string.


The SST built-in function works like the SQL SUBSTR() UDF, RPG %SUBST built-in function, and the %SST CL built-in function. It works on either the right and left side of the assignment statement, or it can be used in conditional statements.


  1. Variable or quoted character string expression.
  2. The starting position within the character string.
  3. The Length of the subscripted result or target. If this parameter is omitted the substring continues through the end of the field.
eval &COMP = 'The Acme Tool Co.';
eval &Name = sst(&comp,5,4);
eval sst(&comp,5,4) = 'USA Mfg';
#msg The old name was: &name
#msg The new Company name is: &comp

The output written to the joblog is:

The old name was: Acme
The new Company name is: The USA  Tool Co.

The output only changed positions 5, 6, 7, and 8 due to the length of 4 being specified